Swiss Ribeye

The Rib Eye was originally, as the name implies, the center best portion of the rib steak. It is a boneless cut from the rib primal. With excellent marbling in the meat of this cut, it is loaded with flavor and remains tender during cooking.

Swiss Beef Filet

This is the most prized cut of beef for many; the fillet is extremely tender and is suitable for flash cooking. It is very lean with almost no fat running through it and it is the meat’s soft texture that is most prized. It is the most expensive piece of beef available and should be cooked with care so as not to destroy its virtues

Lamb Racks

A prime cut of lamb, a whole rack will consist of eight ribs, neatly trimmed of fat. It is one of the most expensive cuts of lamb and should be roasted until pink, or medium at most. Two racks of lamb can be tied in a circle or stood facing each other with the bones interweaved, and served as a crown roast or guard of honour.


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Swiss Ribeye
1 Portion (450g) Sfr. 27.-

Lamb Racks
1 Portion (450g) Sfr. 33.-

Swiss Beef Filet
1 Portion (450g) Sfr. 54.-


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About Us

Who we are

Butcherboy connects you to the local butchers in Switzerland to give that special man in your life a unique and awesome present, whatever the occasion may be. Our specially selected local butchers only source organic, fresh, and seasonal produce. Butcherboy`s butchers are selected by a team of passionate meat eaters and tested by all our friends and families first (very picky people).

Why butcherboy

Butcher Boy was started in 2014 by two friends and their local Butcher in Zürich (Metzger Reif) who share a passion for food, cooking and only the best quality meat. In their previous lives Jonas and Mani gave boring presents to their fathers, brothers, and best mates. Not happy about not having enough time, and occasionally being late in organising the presents (sorry Dad) decided there must be some way to make life easier. By connecting the dots to the local butcher Butcher Boy was born - it was their flowers for men!



If you enjoy Butcherboy as much we do, please get in touch and share your ideas. We’d love to hear your ideas and improvements.

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