Metzger Reif

Butchers Reif, a family run business built over three generations and 75 years. It is an institution within the city of Z├╝rich. Sitting on the on the foot of the Zuriberg (Zuribergstrasse 20) you find Walti Reif, his wife and a team of 27 strong employees serving client to a level which would make Apple jealous of the client focus. Walt took over from his father in 1991 and his dream job was to be a Veterinary but ended up being a butcher.

But to call Walti a butcher is an understatement as he works with meat in all its form, from the best Swiss Ribeye, to beef wellington, aromatic and herby sausages, to his self developed recipes and creations.

Further butchers coming soon

Rollout plan: Basel in March, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, and Zug in April. Swiss wide from July 2014.

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