butcherboy – Flowers for men

Gifts for real men, from real men - your local butchers

Since Jan 2014 in Zürich there is a special home delivery service in operation: The company offers via their website, the possibility to order a very unique and special present for men: What is delivered is a „real piece of meat“ – Filet, Ribeye Steak and Lamb Racks where quality is never compromised.

The goal of the two founders Jonas Rapp und Mani Mohanathas, is together with local butchers to surprise and gift men. With the busy lives we all live, a lack of time, when we buy presents for our friend or father, it is always the same. With buctherboy we offer the possibility of a new Gift with convenience. The idea is „With a real piece of meat engraving the stereotype image of a hunter is not completely unexpected or accidental.“ said Jonas Rapp.

The Zürich startup is additionally supported by Butcher master Walti Reif. His grandfather opened this family business in 1930 and to this day it is operated under the same tradition as for 80years by Walit and his team on the Züribergstrasse and has become a symbol off he highest quality and a Zürich icon.


Giacomo Bordoli
Cadmus White
Rigistrasse 46
8006 Zürich
Tel: +41 44 361 49 43

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